Rates & Availability

Ludington Pier House is a very popular place to stay for family fun and other travelers who appreciate a great location and wonderful service! Due to our popularity, we recommend that you place your reservation as far in advance as possible for your best selection of rooms.

Rate Details

  • All rates are based on a 2 person minimum.  Family room rates are based on a 3 person minimum. Rates increase $10 per night for each additional person, regardless of age.
  • A $20 surcharge for Saturday-only reservations will apply during High Season (mid-June through Labor Day)
  • Rates subject to change without notice.
  • Sorry, but we do not combine Specials or Discounts.
  • Specials and promotions do not apply to holiday or special event weekends


*We make a reasonable effort to keep our availability up to date but the availability display may have changed since we last updated.

*We cannot be held responsible for any communication or electronic malfunctions that are the responsibility of outside providers or at times beyond our control.

Please see our Motel Policies for additional information.